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Here Are Some Helpful Video's

Do It Your Self Helpful Electrical Videos

How Install a Ceiling Fan

When changing a ceiling fan, always remember to turn off your breaker panel.


Changing A Light Fixture

When Working With Electrical, Always Turn Off Breaker Panel. 


Changing Outlet

Here is a little help on how to change a door lock 


How To Wire A 4 Way Switch

Don't Forget to always to turn off the circuit breaker Safety Is No 1 Concern


How to Wire A Three Way Light Switch

Always Remember To Turn Off The Circuit Breaker 


How To Change Light Switch

Always Remember To Turn Off The Circuit Breaker 


Do It Your Self Helpful Plumbing Videos

How To Change A Toilet

 When changing out a toilet always turn off water valve, at toilet. 


How To Change A Kitchen Faucet

 Don't forget to shut off your valves!


How To Change Bathroom Faucet

Always remember to shutoff your water valve 


Do It Your Self Helpful Windows and Doors Videos

How to Rescreen Windows or Doors

After a storm, screens may be needing replacement. Rescreening can be done in a flash. 


How to install Blinds

 Are you tired of those old blinds?


How To Install Replacement Windows

Looking To Replace Those Old Windows 


How To Replace An Interior Door

Do have a door that need replacing, And always remember to were eye protection when working with power tools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmxBHJv5s-c

How to Replace A Storm Door

Storm doors are simple to replace.  Watch this video as a guide, if you need it.


How to Change a Door Knob

Are you having trouble with that old door knob


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